OURS Release Date Update

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to reach out and give an update on what’s been going on. We are hard
at work on the record, but we had a couple of set backs on our end due to the
hurricane. Thankfully nothing too major. Our schedule was pushed back a few
weeks though because of the power outages, and there were also some other good
things that came up that set us back.
Therefore our release date will have to be pushed back just a few weeks. We will
however post some of the new music for pledgers to stream and listen to
before the record comes out. This has been a very rewarding and fun process for us
so far. We want to get music to you as soon as possible, but we want it to be up
to the quality that it needs to be. Thank you again for supporting us and for
being part of this adventure.
We love you.

Jimmy & Ours