JULY 2023

Hello friends,

In order to give our newest self-titled record the attention that it deserves, we are pulling it from streaming and sales for a July 2023 re-release. We had originally put the record out during Covid in hopes to spread some joy in a dark time. We can now fully support this magical group of songs in the most proper and efficient ways. We will be releasing singles along the way leading up to the release and we’re about to start a 3 month tour of the United States showcasing much of where we are now. We will then follow it up with UK and European dates.

We’ve enjoyed looking back with you all for the Distorted Lullabies concerts, but we’re most excited about connecting the past with the future and being present with you all. We’re really looking forward to seeing you out on tour. It’s going to be quite a ride.

Sending you all love and strength for a new brighter tomorrow.