The OURS Limited Store Launches Tomorrow April 23rd!!!

Here’s how it will work…

We will be selling unique and exclusive items at a special price every week.
-Each item will be offered for ONE WEEK ONLY.
After that item’s week is up, it will disappear from the site and a new one will appear.

– OURS newsletters will be going out every Thursday for the next 8 weeks (April 23rd to June 11th) announcing that week’s item, so keep a close eye, because once it is gone, it won’t be back!   If you are not signed up for OURS Newsletter, be sure to SIGN UP!


“For as long as I remember, I have had a vision of the kind of music that I wanted to create, and the experience that I had hoped to give those who wanted to take the ride with me. The time has come for us to do exactly that. We invite you to join us in what will be a constant, exciting journey for all of us. Starting on April 23rd, we will begin to roll out one item per week that will be offered once and only once during this period. The money that is raised will begin to help us not only build a record, but the foundation for how we wish to exist from here on out. Some of these will be special offers that we have never offered before. So keep an eye out because once a new item appears, they will be gone. We are extremely inspired and excited about moving forward in the way that we have wanted to for years. Here we go!!!