By Dan Lorenzo / Steppin Out Magazine
The most overused phrase to describe somewhat successful musicians who have yet to reach international status is “local legend.”  I’ve heard people described as local legends that couldn’t put a hundred people into Dingbatz on a Friday night if they were serving up free alcohol. So the phrase is overused and falls into the realm of cheesy writers hyperbole that few take serious. I wouldn’t describe OURS frontman Jimmy Gnecco as a local legend. It’s not like the man can’t walk through the Garden State Plaza without getting mobbed by fans. I will say that with the release of his new cd ‘Ballet The Boxer 1,’ Mr.Gnecco should surpass his international cult status and rise to the pantheon of greats. I always put John Kosco (St. Caine) at the top of the heap of living New Jersey vocalists, mainly because metal/rock is my drug of choice. Receiving the new OURS cd reminded me that Jimmy Gnecco’s vocals are so phenomenal that he has now surpassed The Black Crowes Chris Robinson as perhaps the most gifted emotional vocalist in America. Yes, his new cd is that important. I keep repeating tracks number five and six in my car. So much so that the new Alice In Chains cd I received just the day before OURS will have to wait another week to return to my ears.