Ours – New Age Heroine II Credits

KILL ME: Jimmy Gnecco-Lead & backing vocals, drums, bass, electric guitar, organ, mellotron | Static-Ebow solo

YOU ARE THE LIGHT: Jimmy Gnecco-Lead & backing vocals, electric & acoustic guitar, percussion | Hannah Gernand-Backing vocals | Chris Iasiello-Drums | Chris Goodlof-Bass | Static-Electric guitar | April Bauer-Organ, mellotron | Shane Rozum-Percussion

PAIN ASIDE: Jimmy Gnecco-Lead & backing vocals, drums, electric guitar, piano, percussion | Carmelo Risquet-Bass | April Bauer-Piano, mellotron strings | Static-Electric guitar

MY LOVE: Jimmy Gnecco-Lead & backing vocals, drums, electric & acoustic guitar, piano | April Bauer-Organ, mellotron cello | Chris Goodlof-Bass | Static-Electric guitar

NEW AGE HEROINE: Jimmy Gnecco-Lead & backing vocals, drums, electric guitar, piano, percussion, bass in first two intros | Henry Hirsch-Bass | Chris Iasiello-Drums | April Bauer-Mellotron strings, organ, bells, backing vocals | Static-Electric guitar | Hannah Gernand-Backing vocals | Brian Gernand-Congas | Stephan Hovsepian-Violin

FALLEN FLOWER: Jimmy Gnecco-Vocal and piano | April Bauer-Mellotron, organ | Static-Electric guitar

FLY: Jimmy Gnecco-Lead & backing vocals, drums, electric guitar, guitar solos, percussion | April Bauer-Organ, piano | Chris Goodlof-Bass, synth | Static-Electric guitar and programming | Mikey Iasiello-Electric guitar

MILES AWAY: Jimmy Gnecco-Lead & backing vocals, drums, percussion, electric & acoustic guitar, organ | Nick Perri-Electric & acoustic guitar, slide solo | Chris Goodlof-Electric guitar | April Bauer-Heavenly organ | Henry Hirsch-Bass | Stephan Hovsepian-Violin

MADE TO LOVE: Jimmy Gnecco-Lead & backing vocals, acoustic & electric guitar, guitar solo, drums, piano, organ | April Bauer-Mellotron cello & violin | Chris Goodlof-Bass | Henry Hirsch-Piano | Stephan Hovsepian-Violin | Static-Additional electric guitar

RING THE BELL: Jimmy Gnecco-Lead vocal, piano, additional overdubbed vocal harmonies | Henry Hirsch-Bass | April Bauer-Organ

All songs written, recorded, produced, and mixed by Jimmy Gnecco at Echo Wing Studios. Additional engineering by Henry Hirsch. Additional engineering by Brett Romnes and Jason Corsaro at Barbershop Studios. Additional engineering by Mike Stankiewicz at Sound Emporium Studios. Additional engineering by Noah Shain at White Buffalo Studios. Mastered by Howie Weinberg.

Thank you for your love and support: The Gernand family, Robert Kagnoff, Chris Shinn, Brett Romnes, Jason Corsaro, Henry Hirsch, Ryan Barber, Dina & Charlie Parry, Joel Andrykowski, Yorgos Antoniou, Michelle & Brian Hazen, Noah Shain, D’Antuono family, Jerkovich family, all of the musicians who were a part of the record, and you the fans. This record is dedicated to Hooshmand Sheshbaradaran and Roya Movafegh. Thank you for your inspiration…Music Without Borders. Dear Roya, I hope you’re singing with the angels.

Thank you to our families for your unconditional love and support and for accepting our absence for half a decade.

Management: Jack Bookbinder & Gene Bowen / Fun Palace Entertainment. Booking Agent: Joy Collingbourne / MOB Agency. Legal Representation: Peter Paterno.

©&Ⓟ 2018 Jimmy Gnecco/Miseryhead Music (BMI). Written, Recorded, Produced, and Mixed by Jimmy Gnecco. A&R: Brian Gernand & Robert Kagnoff. Album Art: April Bauer.