Jimmy Gnecco – The Heart Credits

Written, Performed, and Produced by Jimmy Gnecco.

Recorded by Jonathan “Flo” Florencio and Sep V.  Assistants- Nick Buford, Nicky Calonne, Danny Buttitta, Mike Rozkin, Mat Perkins, Erik T, Jason Orris, Nat Priest.  Recorded at FM Recorders, Oakland, CA and Shine Studios.  Mixed by Henry Hirsch.  Light on the Grave, The Heart, These are My Hands, and Days mixed by Sep V.  It’s Only Love mixed by Sep V and Nicky Calonne.  Talk to Me mixed by Jonathan “Flo” Florencio.  Pro Tools Mix Engineer for Henry Hirsch- Chris Theis. Mastered by Nathan James at The Vault.  Background Vocals on Talk to Me- April Bauer.  “And so the voice of an angel is heard. Thank you April.”  Cover photo by Veronica Chojnacki.  Album artwork by April Bauer.